Shallow aqua Fitness and Fluid Running begins in February

Shallow Aqua Fitness  -  New Class Starts February 1

Shallow Aqua Fitness Classes 

This aqua class is energetic and includes a mix of cardio, strength, toning and stretching all in the water with instructor Maureen Vulich!  This is a great workout and offers a twist from the traditional studio type course. Modifications are available for those that are new, recovering from injury or just want a slower pace.  Can’t wait for you to experience Maureen’s knowledgeable, fun and energetic fitness class.  

Shallow Aqua Fitness - Drop in with your Punch card any days offered

10 (+1) Punch Card (No expiration date)

Resident $105.00   Non Resident $150.00

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Existing members Shallow Aqua Fitness

Resident $15  Non Resident 

$20 Monthly add on fee enjoy as many classes as you wish

Must have an active Lap swim monthly membership

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FMC has an annual facility use fee of $15.00 per participant.

Fluid Running Classes

 The following program are not FMC Natatorium operated.  There is one fee for both residents / non-residents.

Fluid Running™

Fluid Running™ (deep water running) classes will challenge you whether you are in peak physical condition or trying to get in shape. Classes are friendly and encouraging and led by a certified Fluid Running™ Instructor. The roughly one-hour workout combines moderate aerobic running sets with high-intensity intervals and sprints, along with a few other movements to challenge other muscle groups. Fluid Running™ belts are used for buoyancy and to maintain proper vertical running form. Come see why Men’s Journal rates this “One of the Top 20 Best Workouts in America.”  

Belt and Tether will be required for this class.  To purchase the equipment, visit FluidRunning.com/FMC

FLUID RUNNING Punch Card (No expiration date)

5 punch card $100.00     

10 (+1) punch card $200.00

Classes start February 16th

Tuesdays 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Thursdays 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Adult Stroke Clinic - TBD

This class is geared toward the adult swim athlete interested in improving their endurance through drills and technique.  Coach Pierre Ruffin will lead this class and push everyone to be the best they can be.  It's a great workout for any level swimmer.  This class is 90 minutes long and you must be registered for the class.  If you know how to swim but do not know the correct technique for freestyle, this class is for you.  Coach Pierre will teach the adult swimmer how to swim with good technique in order for you to go up and down the pool. 

Adult Stroke Clinic: TBD

Tue & Thur   9:00 am - 10:15 AM

Residents $104 Non Residents $144

Coming Soon Classes

Due to Covid-19 restrictions some classes will be offered in the future. Nevertheless if you are interested to participate in any of the classes, we welcome your registration and we will contact you with more details once the classes are offered.

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